AMD management is a modeling agency based in Côte d’Ivoire founded by Atasia DIA in 2019, representing models, talents and web influencers .

We are engaged in preparing, booking and launching careers in Côte D’Ivoire and internationally.

We are professional, quick, efficient and we bring the most talented models to the shows and advertising campaigns of our clients.

Our strategy is focused
on new models and talents with a great power of influence and notoriety.


Atasia Dia, Ivorian international model and former Miss Côte d’Ivoire, grew up in Abidjan. Since her childhood she was always interested by fashion and runways.

Her professional career starts when she was 19 between Paris, Milan and USA.
Besides being an active model she has decided to found her own agency to allow everyone that shares this dream to be able to realize it.

Knowing the reality of this environment, not yet developed in west Africa, she has as an objective to bring up the fashion industry level, to train and to highlight all the talents.